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Wednesday 1 January 2014

dimension specifications for scale modeling

Hello everyone and happy new year !!

Yeah, it's already 2014 and hope this year will be full of creativity :)

What new paper model could I build this week ? Was thinking of a nice construction truck be soon realised that it could be difficult if I have no precise dimension of one of those trucks. I was hoping to find some forums or sites regrouping some useful links for those specs but did'nt see any.

Tha'ts why I wanted to write this post. We'll begin this some website I found on the net. You'll find use info such as tyre size, vehicle dimensions, helicopter blades lenghts, etc...

Please comment if you know some useful links and i'll add them to the main list.


Boeing - For commercial and military aircrafts. Ex : The CH-47 chinook


http://www.ritchiespecs.com/ - great for constructions vehicles

Carspector Lots of info about cars, engine location, dimesions but lacks of drawings

And you, where do you get your specifications for modeling ? :)

Saturday 28 December 2013

Modeling a soldier with plasticine

Hello modelers,

Just bought some basic crafting tools at Hobby world (Hassamal) in Curepipe, Mauritius. They got a lot of stuffs there like resin, latex for moulding, cutting mat and much more.

One of my targets is to build my own moulds and make my own figurines. As an exercise, I tried to make a soldier figurine with plasticine, taking a small soldier toy as example. The result is not a great as expected but looks nice anyway.

Here are some pictures of the model, sorry for bad quality :( :



Some handy tools for plasticine modeling, also bought at hobby world for less than Rs100 :

plasticine modeling tools

This was only a little pratice, i'll try to make one with auto-hardening clay and used it as model for latex mould. The mould would then be used for resin casting.

Nice week-end and happy modeling :)

Thursday 26 December 2013

Simple 3D paper modeling - Custom tank

Hi there,

For all those starting with paper modeling, here's a quick and dirty tank model.



The model was drawn using Qcad on linux.

The only tools needed are

  • Small scissors
  • Paper Glue
  • Pencil
  • Printer, to get more precise drawing instead of using pencil.

After printing the model, all you have to do is cut the motif and fold it. I've used line patterns to indicate areas to glue.

The drawings (DXF and PDF) are attached to this post. The turret and barrel have been added after and henced is not included in the drawings.

The model is not perfect but hope you'll have fun with it and try your owns !

See you :)